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11/19/2015 — Oklahoma hit by noteworthy M4.7 earthquake — Forecast area hit

Oklahoma was struck by a noteworthy M4.7 earthquake (near M5.0 in size). Most of my viewers / readers will not be surprised to find out this larger earthquake struck directly at a fracking operation.  (see screenshots of the nearest well below, which is part of a huge pumping operation) The earthquake forecast issued on November

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11/19/2015 — Large M7.0 earthquake strikes Solomon Islands / West Pacific — Forecast to occur 2 days prior

Just as expected, a large M7.0 earthquake struck the West Pacific Solomon Islands region. Expected? (you might ask).. The most recent earthquake forecast video, issued on November 17 2015, called for a new large earthquake to strike the Solomon Islands this week. Two days after issuing the warning for the Solomon Islands, the large earthquake

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11/17/2015 — Large M6.5 earthquake strikes South Europe / Greece

A large magnitude 6.5 earthquake has struck off the Western shores of Greece in South Europe, causing a major shakeup along the coastlines of Southwest Greece, and Southeast Italy. This is the largest earthquake to strike Europe in several years.  The last M6.5+ earthquake was well over 5 years ago.  No doubt this was felt

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11/15/2015 — Rare Noteworthy M5.8 earthquake strikes the Cayman Islands / Caribbean

The Caribbean Cayman Islands were struck by a rare M5.8 earthquake along the Cayman Trench, South of Cuba. We don’t normally see much large earthquake activity in the Caymans, thus this event is something to raise ones eyebrows at, pointing towards greater stresses showing across the Pacific over the past 2 weeks. Be on watch

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11/13/2015 — South California / Baja Mexico border struck by noteworthy M4.3 earthquake

An earthquake measuring M4.3 has struck the border of Southern California near Mexicali.  The Pacific plate is obviously moving across multiple regions currently. Last night (November 12) an earthquake watch was issued telling people to watch for new movement in South California over the next few days. The earthquake watch was issued after multiple M3.0+

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